This is what I currently use when I am on a hike:


  • Columbia waterproof jacket (Sportchek)
  • Cloudveil hoodie (Costco)
  • Avalanche Wear Light Sweater (Winter – Costco)
  • Paradox Long Underwear (in Winter)
  • Convertible pants (Costco)
  • Lined Hiking Pants (Costco)



  • Osprey 33L (Campers Village)
  • Big-Zip Platypus bladder (Campers Village)

Support Material

For prices on what I use, check out Amazon.

How to make a Wine Chiller

Materials Needed:

  • 1 x 4″ PVC pipe, 3′ length
  • 3 x End Cap
  • 3 x Joiners (make sure to get the kind that go on the outside of the pipe)
  • 3 x Female screw cap cleanouts
  • 3 x Male screw caps
  • PVC pipe fitting contact cement
  1. Cut PVC pipe to be approximate length of a wine bottle (12-14″).image
  2. Remove any burrs on pipe
  3. Apply glue to the various parts (cap, joiners, cleanouts). DO NOT put it on the Male screw caps or you will not get it open.
  4. Firmly press parts onto the pipe.
  5. Let dry for 72 hours to cure. Makes 3 cases.
  6. Insert wine bottle.
  7. Fill up to the next of the bottle with water, add 2-3 tbsp. rubbing alcohol.
  8. Freeze for 4-5 hours. Do NOT over freeze or your wine will freeze. If you are using a wine that has an alcohol content of below 10%, keep checking the canister every 30-60 minutes after the first 2 hours to ensure the wine isn’t frozen.
  9. Remove from freezer. Will keep ice cold for 9-10 hours.
  10. These will weigh about 15-20 pounds so be prepared to have a heavy pack.
  11. Warning/Note: I do NOT support heavy drinking while hiking. Everyone is different and everyone has their own alcohol tolerance. Know your limit and hike safely within it. I am not responsible for anything that may occur on YOUR hike.

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