Old Goat Glacier

This hike was a nice, quick one but still gave the benefits of a longer hike. We did this one June 11, 2015. There was Sandy, Camille, Jace, and I. Camille is my sister-in-law and Jace is my 7 year old nephew. It was their first real hike.

The trail starts out in the Spray Lakes campground. They must be going through a drought because the lakes were fairly empty. You travel for about 2 km in the forest along the creek. In June, the creek is fairly quick moving in sections and slow in others. It was a nice break from the hot sun (it was 29C on that day).

There were two sections that opened up into a meadow. The second section was more of a rock garden than meadow. You can hear the waterfalls echoing through the valley as you continue on. After the 2km forest trail, it opens into that second meadow area where you get a clear view of the falls. They had multiple tiers and looked warm but in reality were probably quite cold considering it is glacier fed.

From the falls, you start climbing the side of the hill. It wasn’t overly steep like Lady MacDonald, but it was steep enough that you had to stop every few minutes. Jace and Canille did a great job getting up this section.

The path splits almost at the top. The right side goes along the rock piles and down to the lake (I assumed since we didn’t get there). The left path continues up and goes the the glacier. Both paths connect up again in the rock piles.

We took the right path, followed it to the rock piles and then traversed along the rock piles up to the glacier. The sheer magnitude of the rocks were amazing. There were two rows of rock piles about 3 stories tall.

We got up to the glacier. There wasn’t much left of it, but it was still a nice sight. We are lunch then started to make our way back down. It took us about 3.5 hours to get up and only about 1.5 hours to get down.

In Summary:

It’s a nice hike if you only have a few hours. The views are very rewarding even if the glacier is almost gone. It can easily be done in 3.5 hours if you are abut more fit or used to rocky ascents.

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