Beartooth Mountains

We did this hike when we were camping by the Beartooth Mountain Pass in July in Montana.

We started at roughly 9800 ft and hiked up to 10100 feet. It was our first time hiking over 10k. It was a fun little adventure. I saw a point on the map that said mine, so we decided to check it out. We parked in a pull out on the pass highway and followed an old trail that looked like it was used for trucking in supplies or something. After a few minutes, we came across a small lake (that area had a lot of little lakes and streams) and remnants of a cabin. We hiked around the hills for about 3 hours exploring.

We didn’t want to do anything hard because it was a higher elevation than what we were used to and it was getting hot out; with no big trees to provide shade, we were exposed most of the time. The hills were gently rolling with rock bands. It was a pretty interesting hike to see a meadow with trees, shrubs, flowers, and animals at such a high elevation. We only encountered (and scared) a grouse. She was hiding in the grass when we walked by.

In Summary:

It was a great hike that got us out of the campsite and saw what Beartooth Mountains had to offer. Didn’t find the mine, but it was good just the same.


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