Mount Black Prince

This hike was done on January 2nd, 2016. Present company was: Curtis, Dorothy, Shelley, Ryan, Sheldon, and myself.

The hike started off cold. It was a blistering -15C at the parking lot and we were in the shade for the entire day. The sun was out but we didn’t benefit from the warmth 😦 These trails are very popular and very well used. It’s as wide as an old logging road in some sections which is fine for cross-country skiing, but not so fun for snowshoeing. So we made our own trail.

After crossing the creek, we jumped into the field to the left and followed it along. There were lots of snow (up to my thigh in areas). Everyone loved the meadow, until it came time to climb out of it. The hill was fairly steep and posed an issue for some in the group.

We traversed parallel to the trial all the way to the amphitheater; up small ridges and down the other side. Once at the amphitheater, it was a bit cold due to a down draft from the cliffs. It was a nice view with mountain all around.

We walked across the frozen lake on the way back down and followed the trail this time (we were all cold and tired so we welcomed the easy trail).


It’s a nice snowshoe if you don’t mind other people. If you do, hop into the trees and follow the trail that way.

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