Mount Shark Lake

I decided to come back to this one and do the lake. This snowshoe was done on January 9, 2016. Present company were Curtis, Terry, Gerry, and myself.

We followed the road to Mount Engadine Lodge and kept going up the hill. We parked in the first parkinglot. The trailhead was just behind us headed towards Mount Shark (which would be a fantastic hike in the summer). The trails are used mainly for cross-country skiing, but we saw lots of snowshoe tracks today.

The trail is very easy with a slight elevation gain (around 200ft from parking lot to the lake). There was lots of snow again but the weather was a bit warmer (-10C or so). I brought my micro camera (SJCam) and headstrap to try out. The battery doesn’t last long (roughly 1 hour) which is a bit of a bummer but it does take nice pictures. I haven’t downloaded them as of this post, so I shall post more pics from that camera later.

We met two other snowshoer’s and a winter mountain biker (which was a bit odd). That’s all the people we saw all day. It was nice to have the trails to ourselves.

We followed the trail for a bit, then decided to do a bit of off-roading. We slid down a nice embankment into what we think is a spring run-off valley (quite small). We followed this all the way back to the main trail which was about 40ft below us in elevation and about 100ft from where we were. From there, we followed it all the way to the lake. Somewhere along this short detour, I managed to bend my new MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoes which I thought was near impossible due to their high strength composition; so a trip to Atmosphere to get them fixed or replaced is in order.

The lake was spectacular. Lots of untouched snow on the frozen lake, but we stayed up by the tree line because it was a bit sheltered. While there was no wind, it felt warmer for some reason. We brought thermos’ filled with hot apple cider and hot chocolate to warm up with. We ate a quick lunch and downed half the thermos’ and started to head back.

In Summary:

It’s a nice snowshoe if you stick to the trail. It’s 4.3km one way to the lake so it’s a full day.

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