Nihahi Ridge – 2

We did this hike on Saturday May 28, 2016. Present company was Curtis, Darryl, and myself. This will be a short post since we originally did the hike last year in the rain.

We had great weather; not too sunny and not too cold. It was quite windy though, which made things a bit chilly at times.

We were the first on the trail, so it was a nice change to following people. After the slog up to the ridge, we followed it around to the summit area. To get to the summit, we had to hike up a crevice to get over a rock band. From there, it’s a quick hike up to the scrambling/bouldering part.

We continued on up to where we left our bags and climbed up another crevice (Darryl made the comment that the top section was like the Hillary Step lol). Once on top, the ridge continued on. I did a small ridge walk along the very top. The wind was quite strong and cold so we came down. The clouds started to roll in so we didn’t dawdle at the top. Our descent was quick. The trail along the cliff face was a lot better than the muddy, shale trail we went up on. We went right when we should have gone left on the way up…

On the way down, we met an enormous amount of people. This is a very busy trail and I suggest going early like we did (left Calgary at 6:30am).

In Sunmary

Still a good hike. It’s a great one for beginners who want a sample of what the Rockies can show!

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