Mount Stanley Waterfalls

So this wasn’t really a mountain but it was close to Mount Stanley off of 93. Present company was Ryan, Sheldon, Dorothy, Derek (Dorothy’s friend), Curtis and myself. We did this snowshoe Saturday January 28, 2017.

The forecast was for 11 in Calgary so it was a great opportunity to get out in the mountains. The parking lot was off of 93 just passed the Marble Canyon parking lot.

We started off trail, heading towards a canyon to the south. We had to cross a creek that wasn’t fully frozen but we found an ice bridge stable enough for us to cross. We traversed through burnt out forest and new growth for about an hour and had to cross the creek again.

Once across the second time, we met up with a trail that went into the canyon. There we were met with a lot of ice climbers going up frozen Waterfalls. We watched for a few minutes and continued up the quickly narrowing Canyon. At one point the group stopped and I kept going, sans snowshoes. Picking my way across the mix of frozen patches and snow covered rocks was tricky but the view of the final waterfall was amazing. It was frozen on the outside but the rapidly moving water could be seen just behind. The Canyon was well worn from run off which made curtains of ice in sections.

I turned and headed back to the group and we made our way passedthe climbers again. We walked the trail for a few minutes and decided it was boring so cut up the steep bank and had lunch in the new growth grove of spruce trees.

Refuelled, we walked through the trees and came across an abandoned campground. We met up with the trail again and headed back to the parking lot.

In Summary:

A great hike and snowshoe for beginners with spectacular views if you follow the trail. We will be coming back in the summer to see what it’s like.

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