Little Elbow Exploratory

We did this hike Saturday May 20, 2017. Present company was Curtis, Katy and myself.

This was our first hike of the season (finally!) so we wanted to start off easy. Our original plan was to do Ribbon Falls but because of fresh snow, we had to choose something a bit further East. I looked at a few maps and plotted our course.

The day started off nice; not too cold and not too warm. We parked at the Little Elbow parking lot and crossed the Elbow river. From there, it was an easy hike down a very widely used trail. After about 3km, we split off and followed Glasgow Creek (this same trail also continues up Mount Glasgow). For the next 2 hours, we followed the dry creek; I guess runoff hasn’t started or was over.

Instead of turning around and coming back the way we came, we decided to cut across the forest and meet up with another trail that led back to the foot bridge. This small cut across took two hours as we fought with snow and lots of deadfall. It wasn’t difficult, just time consuming to find your path and make sure you were headed in the right direction so you can meet up with the right trail.

Once we did meet up, it was a very easy path back to the Elbow river which we followed back to the bridge. We got to see more of the devastation of the 2013 flood.

In Sunmary:

A nice first hike. Not hard and just long enough to get our legs back. I would like to do more exploring in this area. We only found 1 tick, considering it’s supposed to be a huge tick year…



3 thoughts on “Little Elbow Exploratory

  1. What? No pictures?
    I love your pictures 😊
    It sounded like a nice hike to start the season.
    Enjoy and stay safe!


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