Midnight Peak – Take 2

We finally completed this hike on Saturday June 24, 2017. Present company was Ryan, Sheldon, Curtis, and myself.

Unlike the first time, this hike up wasn’t as muddy or icy; making it an easier vertical. It was our first summit of the season and it was a spectacular first. The hike up was mixed between forest and rock fields. The forest growth is slowly reclaiming the land back from the 2013 flood.

The hike through the forest wasn’t overly difficult. The last push up to the summit was harder. It was a scramble, but a great scramble. Looking at the summit from the saddle, it looked quite steep and one big cliff. Close up, it was pretty steep but definitely doable. We did encounter a marmot sunning on the rocks. He was curious what we were then scampered off.

Once on the summit, you could see the entire valley and all the mountains. Even though we have hiked dozens of summits in this area, it’s still breathtaking.

On the way down, we did a ridge walk that turned into a scramble down; another great scramble down. We met up with a secondary trail that wound its way through an avalanche and runoff gully. We came across a dried up waterfall. Curtis and Sheldon decided to go around and I took one look at it and knew I could climb down. Ryan followed his own path but followed me.

We met up with the original trail under the saddle and followed it down to the car.

In Summary:

A great hike and a great first summit. Anyone wanting to retrace our steps, stick to the ridge and follow it down, staying right and hike down. You can see the trail quite clearly so just head in that direction.

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