The Wedge

We did this hike Saturday June 3, 2017. Present company was Curtis and I. We got a very early start because our original plan was to hike to upper Galatea lake but when we arrived, it was closed for environmental issues. Our fallback was The Wedge, right next door.

the hike started off as a nice gentle uphill next to the creek, which was surprisingly high; which we found out later why. A few short minutes later and we were climbing out of the creek valley and up a steep ridge on a straight trajectory to the top; our easy hike turned a bit more harder.

From the valley, we quickly gained elevation. Around 2km in, we encountered snow and lots of it. In some sections, it was waist deep; getting over or around it was difficult and energy consuming. The further up we climbed, the deeper and voluminous it got. Being out first uphil hike of the season meant our stamina wasn’t quite there yet.

We stopped for lunch around the 3.5km mark and decided that we were drained. Begrudgingly, we turned and started to head back.

In Summary:

Its a nice short hike but be prepared to gain elevation. No ticks on this hike that we saw. It’s a moderate to difficult hike.



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