Bull Creek Hills

I’m a bit late posting this. We did this hike April 28, 2019 (Curtis and I). We weren’t sure on conditions so we just winged it for location. It’s our second official hike of the season so we wanted something relatively easy.

We couldn’t really find any trails; it seemed like they cane and went so the majority of the trip was making our own trail. It was a good conditioning hike; there were sections of flat or gradual uphill followed by long steep sections.

The way the ridges are formed, they create mini false summits (if you can even call it a summit). It took us about 3 hours to get to the “peak” where we ate then turned around and cane down a different way (why be boring and do the same way twice?!). There’s an option to do a loop up to an actual summit and back which we may do later in the season. It would be probably a 7 hour round trip if one would do that.

We saw grouse, that’s it. No other animals but lots of evidence of animals. It didn’t seem like a busy hike as we had the area to ourselves. There were lots of crocuses out. Every south facing hill we were on (entire hike) were covered in crocuses.

In Summary:

It’s a good shoulder hike and not difficult. It’s also a good beginner hike.

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