Mount Indefatigable

We did this hike Saturday October 17, 2015. Present company was Curtis, Sandy, and me.

The morning started off crisp. The cars had some frost on them in the parking lot and the ground was frozen in spots. There was no snow below but the upper sections had some light dustings. We wore too many clothes again and ended up taking layers off quite quickly. The trail goes out get the Upper Kananaskis Lakes dam. The trail head can’t be missed as there is a giant “Beware of Bears” sign. It’s a nice bike brought the forest and then a few turns later, a nice rocky spine hike.

The trail is very well used, we encountered 2 groups going up with us (they passed us) and a few when we were going down. It’s a relatively good hike, not too steep but steep enough. After we turned on the fork (at the top of the ridge there is a Y intersection, right goes to the North summit and the left goes to the South summit). We took the left and went to the South summit

From there it gets steep and a scramble is evident in the near future. After about an hour of a steady ascent, we ended up having to scramble the last 15 min which proved to be… interesting.

At the top, there’s a weather station and a nice platform to sit on and look over the valley. We hung out here for about an hour and I did a ridge walk to another part of the South summit. It was amazing how few clouds were out and how hot it got at 8300ft in October.

The descent was straight forward and we met more groups coming up. The trip took 6 hours in total and the parking lot was packed when we returned. Busy hike but work it!

In summary:

This is a good shoulder season hike but be aware of bears. Bring lots of water as it is South facing most of the way and can be hot. The ridge between the South and North summits can be done but onlY experienced hikers should attempt.

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