Tokumm Creek

We did this hike Saturday May 27, 2017. It was our second hike of the season. Present company was Nick, Chris, Paula, Chris, Curtis and I.

The hike starts off in the interpretive loop for a Marble Canyon. Marble Canyon is imteresting because it was created over 12,000 years ago. It’s a deep canyon that receded slowly from erosion. In the winter, it freezes solid so you can walk along it to the frozen falls. The water level was pretty high so the falls were spectacular.

The trail meets up with the river and follows the Tokumm valley. It’s through the fire burn out from 2003, so it’s not very sheltered from the sun. We happened to go when there were no clouds do the temperature felt at least 10 degrees hotter.

We hiked roughly 4 miles up the trail then had lunch and returned. The trail continued on for another 11 miles roughly. There are numerous branches for other trails up the mountains on both sides. I would like to return and do some of them.

Its a fairly easy hike with little elevation gain. The trail passes through lots of avalanche chutes which had creeks instead of snow. The ACC maintains bridges because there’s a hut at the end of the trail. Might be a good place to do a backpack trip to.

In Summary:

A great early season hike. No ticks so that’s a good thing! It’s a hike for someone wanting to go on a short or long hike.

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